Individual Counselling

Individual counselling involves the client talking through their issues and feelings face to face with a counsellor in a session. It enables individuals to face and overcome their issues with continued help and personal development through talking. 

Sessions are usually around 50mins and are prearrange for a set date and time. Counselling can be both long (years) and short (6-12 sessions) term depending on the issues the client has. They may involve talking about life events, family, emotions, health, relationships, your ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour. 


There are huge benefits to counselling and it is now offered as an alternative to medication for a range of issues within the NHS. 


It enables self- awareness and understanding, which improves self-esteem, confidence and generally life becomes more enjoyable and rewarding. 

Counselling is used to help manage and even over come a wide range of issues and health conditions such as Long term illnesses, Stress, Anxiety, Bereavement, Eating disorders, Phobias, Addiction, Anger, Relationship issues, Trauma, Abuse as well as much more. 

Just by talking openly and feeling to someone who is there to listen can be an enormous help to those who are troubled and suffering. Many people who have counselling, come off medication completely and over come their issues by changing the way they think and act towards problems. 

Couples Counselling

This is a talking and communication therapy to help couples work through and resolve issues they may be facing either during or after a relationship. 


A counsellor is not there to take sides but to help you work through any issues you are having. All subjects are open to discussion and it is vital you both feel comfortable in the sessions and wish to participate. 

Couples often find it harder than individuals to come to counselling, being open and honest in front of your partner can be daunting but it can also be the most rewarding.