What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of complementary therapy that utilises the power of positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change to our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.The process itself aims to alter our state of consciousness in a way that relaxes the conscious part of the mind while simultaneously stimulating and focussing the subconscious part. This heightened state of awareness - reached using skilled relaxation techniques - allows the therapist to then make appropriate suggestions. 


The development of concepts, beliefs and practices related to hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been documented since prehistoric to modern times.Although often viewed as one continuous history, the term hypnosis only gained widespread use in the 1880s, initially amongst those influenced by the developments in France, some twenty years after the death of James Braid – who had adopted the term hypnotism in 1841. 

How does it work?

There has always been some debate on how hypnotherapy works

What does the treatment involve?


  • How many sessions will I need?
  • This is something you will decide on together. Initially, you may decide you wish to meet on a weekly basis, but depending on improvements and how you feel, you may choose to then see them more or less frequently.
  • How long will hypnotherapy sessions last?
  • Again this is really dependant on both your hypnotherapist and your circumstances. One off services such as smoking cessation or gastric band hypnotherapy can last around two hours, while a general hypnotherapy session will usually take 50 - 60 minutes.
  • Can't I get hypnotherapy on the NHS?
  • Access to hypnotherapy on the NHS is incredibly limited, it is not widely available and the majority of practitioners work privately.
  • Is Hypnotherapy safe?
  • yes, many people get their ideas of hypnosis from magicians, stage shows and the like. Clinical hypnosis is completley different
  • Will I be made to do something I don't want to?
  • Again, too many TV shows and dramas portray hypnotherapy as a black art or linked to the occult. You are never fully asleep, only in a trance like state. You cannot be made to do anything against your will.
  • Is hypnotherapy for children safe? 
  • Hypnotherapy for children and young people is considered highly effective and is completely safe. Children tend to respond very well to hypnosis as they are naturally quite imaginative and use their subconscious minds a great deal more than adults do. Hypnotherapy can help to address a number of issues commonly experienced in childhood, including exam nerves, sleep problems, bed-wetting, fears, eating disorders and low self-esteem.