Couples Counselling

What is couples counselling

This is a talking and communication therapy to help couples work through and resolve issues they may be facing either during or after a relationship. 

As a counsellor I am not there to take sides but to help you work through any issues you are having. All subjects are open to discussion and it is vital you both feel comfortable in the sessions and wish to participate. 

Couples often find it harder than individuals to come to counselling, being open and honest in front of your partner can be daunting but it can also be the most rewarding. 

How does it work?

Sessions involve both parties having their own time to talk and be open within a safe and secure environment. Both parties are given the chance to talk through their issues and feelings evenly. 

All sessions will involve a counsellor listening and asking questions to help understand and talk about how your both feeling to look at possible changes that could help improve the relationship. 

Sessions are usually around 50mins to an hour and are prearrange for a set date and time. Couples Counselling is generally short (6-12 sessions) term but can depend on the issues you have. 

Sessions may involve talking about life events, family, emotions, health, relationships, your ways of thinking and patterns of behavior. As your counsellor I will listen, encourage and empathise but also challenge your thinking to help you see your issues more clearly or in a different way.  It is not about receiving advise or opinions, but helping you to understand yourselves better and find your own solutions to resolve or cope with your situation.   

What can it help with?

All relationship issues from:

Lack of trust

Betrayal or affair


Lack of Communication

Work related Stress

Financial Issues

Different sexual needs or other sexual issues

Family conflicts

Different goals and Values

Different parenting styles

Life changes

This list is not exclusive but a general idea as every situation is different. Regardless of the concerns often speaking with a counsellor can be extremely helpful and a positive step forward. 


Couples counselling can be a huge help in enabling both parties to understand the others point of view and how external factors may be affecting the relationship.

It reflects on the past and how it may be affecting the present as well as encouraging a more constructive way of communicating. 

It enables couples to learn how and why arguments escalate and how to negotiate to help resolve conflicts where possible.

Just by talking openly and feeling to someone who is independent and there to listen can be an enormous help to those who are troubled and suffering.  

Many couples who have counselling often find a way of overcoming their problems or may decide its time to part ways. Either way, counselling often offers both parties the space to grow and decide what they would like to do in the future.  

Types of counselling

There a many different ways in which counsellors work with clients and various methods that can be used.  

The approaches range from psychoanalysis to humanistic psychotherapy, which are based on personal growth and self-development and behavioural theories, which are generally used for specific phobias and anxieties. 

Counsellors usually train in one method but may use different techniques where they feel if would be helpful to you or a particular issue.   


Couples counselling starts at £50 a session and usually last between 50mins to an hour. 

Longer sessions can be arranged if need be.

A consultation is recommend before booking a full session. Consultations are free and last around 30 mins.